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The truth is the best stories make the best films. That is where we begin, and that is what we focus on throughout. Currently projects are and have been in-house, as we are not yet accepting unsolicited scripts. Projects are not deal-driven, actor-driven nor director-driven - they are story-driven. Until we know that the script is engaging from first moment till the last, we go nowhere with it. Occasionally during development we look at the work of actors and directors to compare their strengths and weaknesses with the narrative that we seek to tell. We have a video library with a thousand movies to assist us. 


When we approach a director we offer our final draft, which in many cases will become the director’s first draft, because with the story in place, our director will transcend it to a new dimension. At this point the project becomes director-driven.


What makes Casablanca different is our enduring passion to create and tell story. And today, in this world that we live in, there is no shortage of stories. We yearn to develop many more than we are at present. Eventually, after a few successes, we anticipate that directors will be coming to us.

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