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Anaid Productions Inc

Margaret Mardirossian, producer

First draft screenplay by Angus Fraser, December 2003

Based on “Fever: The Dark Mystery of the Bre-X Gold Rush” by Jennifer Wells

Script funded by CTV, Telefilm Canada


Principia Productions Ltd

Lael McCall, Richard Craven, producers

Second draft screenplay by Angus Fraser, January 2008

Script funded by CTV, Telefilm Canada, BC Film

Script Assembly’ rewritten by Richard Craven, March 2008

1st Draft rewrite by Richard, January 2009

Letter of Interest November 2009 from Jim Sherry, D Films, Toronto


Casablanca Motion Picture Corporation

Richard Craven, producer

2nd draft rewrite by Richard, March 2010

Paul Alan Smith, ICM (April 2010) liked script which was sent to Jeremiah Chechik, Ted Kotcheff, Sturla Gunnarsson

Bob McKee, story analyst, showed interest June 2010

July 2010 Richard went to Arizona to work with McKee

3rd draft rewrite by Richard Craven, May 2011

Approached Stefanie Berk, Playtone Productions Executive, June 2011

Continued approaches to the American production outfits, agents

Continued rewrites and live readings 2012, 2013, 2014 in Vancouver



Running time 15th April 2015 (edited for Toronto Live-Audience) - 2 hours



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