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Wish you all the best with this and other projects. When you combine language of the heart and the truth it makes for a powerful story that needs to be told. I trust that those who have the financial resources will support your mission. That is, a Canadian story needs to be told and shared from a Canadian perspective for all the world to see and appreciate. The truth is good enough so we don't need another "Hollywood" interpretation that strays from the facts in order to market it to an American audience. Good work well done transcends all languages and cultures. I hope that this story gets to be told in truth.

DS (Vancouver) sent 5 April, 2015


Sorry I missed the reading April 15th. I like your philosophy. I did leave the country at one point, because of the attitude here. When I came back, I received a "Well, he's worked and lived in London, England, so he must be good!" This ‘Colonized thinking’ has to end. We have a good, interesting country, with lots of great stories to tell, and tell them we should. We don’t need the approval of outside sources. We just need the private sector investment to make it happen.

KH (Toronto) sent 18 April 2015 

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